Compositions for Dance, Theater and Multi-Media

The diverse writings of Ms. Wolf include compositions for the Non-Sequitur Festival, Bond Street Theatre Coalition, dance performances, multi-media events, and children’s shows. Her works are listed below. Sima is also a frequent performer in theatrical shows.



I Hear You, Choreography by Laura Gates.

Rocky Crests, Choreography by Joanna Brotman.

Men Through the Ages, Choreography by D.J. MacDonald.

Ma-Om, Choreography by Kalya Yannatos.

The Bird Queen, Choreography by Valerie Striar.

Collidion, Choreography by Halina Ujda.



Eva Underground, Written and directed by Marlene Lipson.

Inferno Machine, Written and directed by Osiris Hertz.

Vectors, Written and directed by Richard Kuperberg.

Structures, Written & directed by Rudolf Kocevar.

Composing and arranging for Bond Street Theatre Coalition (international tours).

Pythagoras Plays The Blues, written and directed by Michael McGuigan



The Key and What Remains, Poetry & Music collaborations for Non-Sequitur stilts

Movement In Architecture: “PI” at The Everett Mansion, Video piece: Movement interacting with Location, with music sound-score.

Recalled Awakening, Video piece: Interactive sculpture, poetry, dance, music.

Patterns Of Sense In Twos, Threes, and Fours, Dance, mime, spoken word, music.

Another Thing, Theater piece with actors, dancers, musicians & recorded soundscape.


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