Compositions For Concert Performance

Sima has composed an array of pieces for live concerts. Many have been written for established ensembles, including The Borealis Wind Quintet (The DSC_5033Chambers Of Hemera), The Fontenay Chamber Players (En Prévision),  MAYA (Brazilian Suite), The Downtown Chamber and Opera Players (Ashbah), and Son Of Lion Gamelan (Invitation).

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The Chambers Of Hemera, for Woodwind Quintet

En Prévision, for Harp, Flute, Clarinet, & String Quartet

Island, for String Quartet

Nocturnal Landscapes, for Pianpic.Pno&Vlao Solo

Brazilian Suite, for Flute, Harp and Percussion

Birds Of A Feather, for String Quartet

Awakening, for Solo Flute

Ashbah, for Violin, Cello, Piano & Narrator

Flute Duet In Ternary Form, for Flute Duet

Trio For Flute, Bassoon, and Piano

Piano Sonata No. 1, for Piano Solo

Two Songs For Alto and Cello

Duet For Viola and Piano


Invitation, for Gamelan OrchestraSim.weird-inst-group

Beatrice, Mini-Opera for Alto, Baritone, Keyboards and Percussion

Two-Part Intervention, for Microtonal Instruments

Ootwethevis, for Microtonal Instruments

Dialogues for Bass Clarinet, Saxophone, French horn, Synthesizer & Piano



In The Light Of Love

Lullaby Dreams


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